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Documentation Lab
A Practical Workshop for Developing and Writing Documentation

Monday, January 24th

6:30pm – 8:30pm


Back by popular demand!

It’s a new year! Are you ready to jump-start your documentation practice? In this practical workshop, you’ll bring a moment you want to document, and we will provide a few structures to help you write it and write it well. Collaborating with Evergreen staff and each other, you will get some work done, as well as learn strategies for how to think about future documentation. This workshop is online and presented by pedagogista Nicole Marie and teacher, Selina Merrill. $25


Building a Democratic Society
The Role of Reflection Meeting

Thursday, February 24th

6:30pm – 8:00pm


Evergreen has a daily practice of holding a meeting to discuss a problem or idea that has emerged in the classroom. Reflection meeting is not only foundational for many intellectual and relational skills, but it also promotes the kinds of dispositions and competencies that healthy democratic citizens and societies need. During this workshop, we will look at what those skills are and how reflection meetings are part of creating a culture of democratic engagement. This workshop is online and presented by Ashley Spencer and Zenna Jandali. $30

food_platter copy.jpg

Philosophy of Food
Children's Relationship to Taste, Ritual and Beauty

Saturday, March 18th

9:30am – Noon

In Person at Evergreen

Thich Nhat Hanh, philosopher and meditation teacher, says that ”food is the gift of the whole universe.” This is certainly true when Maddie Friess, teacher and food-blogger, explores the beauty of food with children. Now she is finally sharing the wealth of teacher wisdom she’s gained from researching children’s relationships to food over the last four years. She will be exploring the philosophy of food using stories from the classroom and presenting a hands-on glorious delight of the senses. You don’t want to miss it.  This workshop is held in person and presented by Maddie Friess. $40

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The Role of Materials in Ongoing Investigations

Saturday, April 23rd

9:30am – Noon

In Person at Evergreen

Have you ever struggled with how to successfully combine materials work with ongoing investigations? In this workshop, veteran teacher Carol Flanagan will share insights from several different on-going small groups that will elucidate how materials can be used to propel children’s thinking and imaginations forward. Combining examples of children’s work with hands-on materials experiences, participants will come away inspired and take home practical techniques. This workshop is in-person and presented by Carol Flanagan. $40

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Cultivating a Poetic Sensibility
Writing Poetry with Children

Saturday, May 14th

9:30am – Noon

In Person at Evergreen

After more than a decade of writing poetry with children, Evergreen is publishing its own poetry book, complete with children’s poetry and artwork, as well as instructions for writing with children. Come celebrate with us and learn why and how to write poetry with children. Enrich your teaching and your soul with this inspirational workshop. This workshop is in-person and presented by pedagogista Nicole Marie and teacher Iwonka Dziag. $40


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