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Ordinary Moments, Extraordinary Possibilities is a phrase developed by Evergreen Community School that is now used internationally. It is an acknowledgement that even small, seemingly mundane moments hold great potential for surprise, wonder, discovery and learning. One only needs to observe a child marveling at a stick floating in a puddle to understand the profound significance that ordinary moments can have. Through attentive and unhurried observation of a child's focus and intent, we allow ourselves to subtly bolster and deepen the child's experience. Often a teacher's timely expression of interest and support, coupled with a child's initial enthusiasm, can lead to an extended and more reflective exploration of these moments. Our challenge as educators is to participate in the moment without controlling it. We seek to remain present and engaged in the experience as it unfolds, following the child's evolving path of interest rather than focusing on a predetermined outcome or plan.


For children time is fluid, not to be captured or compressed. As a measure of our respect and trust, time at Evergreen Community School is organically experienced, allowing children to work at their own pace to formulate their thoughts and experience the outcome of their ideas. This means that an investigation may be as brief as ten minutes or as long as ten months, depending on the interest of the children and the complexity of the topic.

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