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It is our goal to make legible the life of our school through careful observation, reflection and documentation of our experience together. The practice of daily reflection enables teachers to plan responsive curriculum that supports both group and individual development. Our documentation (i.e. panels, books, blogs, focus sheets and field notes) captures the essence of our program and pedagogical choices. It is not meant as the study of a particular child; rather, we view documentation as a tool for better understanding all children. Most importantly, documentation is a fundamental part of our dialogue with children, parents and other teachers.

As we record the unique stories of our daily lives we choose the lens of relationship to understand how we learn – relationships with ourselves, with each other and with the physical world. How do relationships begin? How do they evolve? How do they come to shape and change us? Ultimately, how do relationships impact the formation of humanity?


How do babies communicate?” is a question that the Baby Group asks back in February, but not until late May do the babies come over for a playdate. Each group meeting leading up to the playdate introduces at least one new element to the structure of the experiment, including safety and components of the physical environment as well as observation and recording tools. During one group meeting, the children carry a wooden platform and a ramp for gross motor play all the way from parking lot Level C and into Class Three.

Mom       Do we go over here?
Colette    Yes, to the quilt!
Theo        Are these blocks available for the babies?
Jude        Yes, Iwonka said yes.
Theo        Nicole, when the babies wanna go up

                 that  slide, maybe they might slip down 

                 and hurt themselves and bonk

                  their heads.
Nicole      Oh no, what do you think they should do?
Theo         Maybe we should tell them to go over  

                  here and sit down. And then they might

                  call their mom if they need help to go

                  down that slide.
Jude          Or they could sit down here (on the slide

                  sideways) and slide down.
Theo         Guys, watch this baby. See if she is gonna

                  go down the slide.
Anna         What’s she gonna do?

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