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“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

Evergreen Community School is a place where, instead of looking into the mirror and seeing one’s own reflection, we see the world.  Here children develop a global sensibility and awareness through the daily practice of hearing and reflecting on each other’s ideas, working in small groups, and jointly solving problems—all essential skills for navigating through our global community. Our children are supported in not only offering their own unique perspectives, but also in listening and respecting others, even when another’s perspective challenges strongly held beliefs. Children graduate with a sense of their role within a larger community and respect for multiple perspectives which they carry with them as they venture into the world.

None of this happens by our efforts alone. As a non-profit preschool, we rely on your support. You, our families, play a large role in turning our mirrors into windows. Your continued support of Evergreen allows us to stretch beyond the expected, to reach outward. Your generous donation enables us to offer quality experiences for children as well as scholarships to our families and continuing education for our teachers. For this we are truly grateful.

Evergreen Community School, a non profit organization Tax Id. #95-4471708.

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